Profile of the Other Woman: Why Men Cheat

What She Has that You Don’t

More than half of today’s marriages will suffer from a cheating spouse. Affairs (especially office affairs) are on the rise. First you must know, the Other Woman has NOTHING that you don’t. Instead, your man will cheat with her because of what she has to offer him. Women that set their sights on married men often do so with animal like aggression which is a turn on to most men who love the rush of being hunted like prey. They unleash their feminine power upon these men and they become enthralled, usually before they realize what they are walking away from. According to a study conducted by, 60% of married men have admitted to cheating while only 2% of these men were caught or later confessed. Only 10% of these affairs are one night stands.

A woman falls in love with a man for who he is. A man falls in love with the way the woman makes him feel. The Other Woman knows how to make your man feel excited, charged, appreciated, and adored. The rush of excitement he feels from the attention and adoration give him a rush of adrenaline which can become quite addictive. This rush is similar to how he felt when he first met you.

What is in it for Her?

His Money

Many women seek out married men simply for money and gifts. Some women liked to be wined and dined and have an enjoyable evening out. Other women do it for the gifts of jewelry, cash, lingerie, and gifts they get from their married boyfriends. Other women specifically target married men and then request cash payments to keep the affair secret.


Why would any woman in her right mind want a married man instead of single man who has the time to devote to her? Throughout history, woman have long been attracted to married men for various reasons. For one thing, independent woman want a man when they want them. Some woman do not want the inconvenience of having a man around 24/7. For this type of woman, it is best to have her fun and send him home to enjoy some peace and quiet. Some of these woman seek only temporary companionship and sex and do not want to have to deal with a man on a daily basis. A married man with commitments is not only fun and “taboo,” he is easier to keep at arms length.

When a woman seeks a relationship with a married man, she doesn’t have the hassle of doing his laundry, cleaning up after him, raising his children, dealing with his family, preparing his food, his piles of clutter, worrying about his health and diet, or smelling his morning breath. Luckily he has a wife that deals with these trivial issues.

She Gets Only the Best of Him

Overall, the Other Woman seeks out a relationship with a married man because she wants only the best of a man while skipping out on the less desirable aspects of a relationship. The Other Woman wants your husband because he has a stellar wife that manages the boring aspects of a real relationship. She takes only the best of your husband’s attention, sexual energy and expression, money, free time (including vacations), and thoughts. She then sends the married man home to a wife who must deal with the reality of the relationship including dealing with his tiredness, lack of sexual interest, and distraction. She does not have to deal with him when he has emotional needs, when he is sick, or has family issues. She has the privilege of taking only the best of him and sending him home.

What’s In it For Him (Outside of the Obvious)

Outside of gratuitous sex with someone new and exciting, your man gets that familiar feeling of butterflies in his stomach when he thinks about and sees the other woman. If he is in a midlife crisis, an affair may be the fuel he needs to feel better about his life. Some men with mother issues may seek a “nurturer” to make him feel safe and secure.

Regardless of his reasons for cheating, men cheat to fulfill unmet needs whether they are excitement, variety, companionship or a rush of adrenaline.

Is your husband easy prey?

Personality Types Of Cheaters

Certain people suffer from an addiction to adrenaline and seek out experiences that cause its production. Often, chronic cheaters suffer from a “Type T” personality, with the T standing for THRILL.

Adrenaline is produced by the endocrine system and is released through the thyroid, pancreas and the sex organs. People labeled as “thrill seekers” experience a feeling of euphoria from the release of adrenaline in the body. Because it feels good, Type T Personalities often seek out activities that encourage the body to release adrenaline for the feel good rush. Men and women who are serial cheaters often have Type T Personalities and actually get a high from the feeling of engaging in taboo behavior. Those who engage in extreme sports are usually Type T Personalities.

What He is Too Whipped To Realize

Sadly, while the man is wrapped up in the thrill of the chase, he does not focus on the long term effects of his actions. Whether his plans with this woman include an exciting short term affair or building a lasting, long term relationship with her, there is one thing he does not stop to consider. Women who specifically seek to have affairs with married men are in it because they like the thrill of the hunt and seek out men who are “taboo.” They love the challenge of getting a married man to compromise his marriage and family and obtain a sense of fulfillment and victory when he chooses her over his wife. In most cases, the woman isn’t as interested in the man as she is in the chase.

For those women with a thrill seeking personality type, the relationship usually ends when the thrill of the chase comes to a close. Once she has captured the married man in her talons, she may toss him around a bit, but very rarely will want anything else from him. She has captured him, taken what she wants, and prepares to move on to her next conquest. Some women enter into relationships with their lovers, but many grow bored early on.

Sadly, men don’t stop to consider they are entering into a relationship with someone who does not respect the boundaries of relationships (which is probably not very important to him because he obviously has no respect for maritial boundaries). Yet, these men later become shocked and astounded when these woman- that they have given up every thing for, cheat on them.

In some cases, affairs occur because two people actually fall in love with each other. However, a woman who sets out to capture a married man with children is not showing true affectionate love by seducing him away from his family and potentially devastating the futures of his children. Any married person who falls in love with someone else should proceed with respect to his or her family. Before becoming a sexually involved coupe, they should make provisions that take their spouses and children into consideration.

Infidelity is a painful situation to be in. If this has happened to you, remember that the Other Woman has actually done you a favor and focus on finding someone who is worth your love.


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