Guys, this is going to feel awkward, terrifying and foreign at first. But you have an incredible wealth of power that you may not even be aware of with your wife. Your silence or anger will likely create fear, insecurity and a feeling of lack of love in your wife – that will probably only get you more disrespect, unfortunately. What reaches her feminine soul is your tender, loving, caring, patient, gentle pursuit of her, even when she messes up. If you can embrace your wife’s anger – which seems very scary, I know! But – if you can embrace her when she’s angry and say, “I don’t want you to feel unloved, Honey. I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.” She may calm down pretty quickly. If you can address her fear of not being loved, you may be able to reach her.

Wives generally don’t understand how stable their husbands’ love usually is. They think that if they don’t hear words of love and see selfless gestures of love, the love might be gone, and they panic. I know that you know your love is always the same. But your wife probably doesn’t know that. She probably thinks she has to see and hear your love to know it is strong and it is there. Eventually, your love will fill up her heart and the fear will go probably go away.



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