Coping With Disappointment

Forgive the past, have hope for the future, and live in the present. [.]

In his late thirties, Shakespeare switched from writing comedies to writing tragedies. [.]

Do What You Love, the money will follow.(Discovering your right livelihood)This means taking yourself seriously, perhaps for the first time.

Again, an ability to accept reality is key to successful midlife transitions. The goal is peace of mind, not winning some sweepstakes you’ve created for yourself.

The Myth of the Perfect Marriage
We think that our partner can meet all our needs, know what we’re thinking, and love us even when we’re not terribly lovable. When those things don’t happen, then we blame our partner. We think that maybe if we had a different spouse, it would be better. [.]

Why do we expect so much and doom ourselves to disappointment?

Having the goal of “being great” is as hard to define as it is to achieve. There is always “the next great thing” to master. [.]

Our brain is a fault-finding machine. [.]

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