My Top Ten Michaelmas Daisies, (or if you insist Symphiotrichum).

beautiful !!

The Blooming Garden

We are having such glorious September weather that it is a joy to be outside and the flowers just keep on coming. This is the month that Michaelmas daisies, sorry Symphyiotrichum really get going, and they are going to brighten up our gardens right through October.
I would like to introduce my top ten Asters.
IMG_1457 I love small flowered ones and my favourite is ‘Little Carlow’. It is a hybrid with nova-belgii and cordifolius parents.It  has masses of little lilac blue flowers with a lovely dark centres. I grow it with Persicaria amplexicaulis  ‘Blackfield’.

A close second is Aster cordifolius ‘Ideal’,  this has a profusion of even smaller lavender flowers. It is very similar to Aster ‘Photograph’ which I showed you in a recent post.
Aster laterifolius horizontalis ‘Lady in Black’ has even smaller flowers. It is very similar to ‘Prince’. It has lovely dark foliage and little white flowers with pink centres.

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